Siemens awards contracts to Egerton Consulting for ARM Assessments

Egerton Consulting has been awarded contracts by Siemens to carry out ARM studies of systems being supplied for new waste to energy plants. Egerton Consulting is analysing the systems to determine the most cost-effective maintenance resource and spares holding requirements in order to achieve the target availabilities laid down in the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU.

IED Smoke

We have modelled these systems within RAMP, a software tool of which we have over 20 years’ experience for the analysis of complex process systems. RAMP is a Monte Carlo Simulation computer program which has been designed specifically for the assessment of the availability, reliability, productivity and maintainability characteristics of such systems.

Our approach comprised the following:

  • System familiarisation
  • Collation of equipment reliability data
  • Model construction
  • Investigation of resource optimisation
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Reporting

We have made recommendations for the optimisation of maintenance cover and spares holdings and concluded that these systems will comfortably meet the specified requirements

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