Statistics and Operational Research

Statistics and Operational Research: Core Capabilities

Statistical Analysis, Sampling and Estimation

We specialise in engineering applications, offering a comprehensive service in the statistical analysis, including advice on the interpretation and implementation of BS and ISO standards, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Control Charts and Six Sigma techniques. Examples include

Ordnance Survey – Estimating the Completeness of a Mapping Database
IMSM – Interpreting a Statistical Specification and Requirement

Mathematical Modelling and Forecasting

Often a crucial stage in identifying the optimum solution to an engineering or commercial problem, we provide you with creative solutions through mathematical modelling and forecasting. Examples include

British Energy – Electricity Demand Forecasting

Performance Metrics and Management

We provide quantitative techniques to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) offering you a valuable management tool for identifying where performance can be improved and where attention should be focused. Examples include

NATS – Metrics Specification for Process Improvement

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