Risk & Reliability and Statistical Analysis Case Studies

Egerton Consulting has worked across many sectors, consulting on all aspects of risk and reliability, as well as delivering solutions to businesses through the strategic application of statistical analysis. We are able to apply our expertise to a broad range of problems, so if you’d like to discuss your analysis requirements in more depth, please contact us.

Here are just some of the examples of the projects we have worked on in recent years. Click on the Case Study below (in desktop version) for more information.



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HAZOP Facilitation and Recording

Case Study: HAZOP Facilitation and Recording by Egerton Consulting of a Thermal Hydrolysis Plant at Oxford Sewage Treatment Works

Client: Kier Construction

Mathematical Methods

Case Study: An assessment of pseudonym truncation in an NHS database

Client: NHS

Reliability Analysis

Case Study: Reliability Analysis of a Power System and its Impact on Safety Critical Functions

Client: AkzoNobel

ALARP Assessment

Case Study: Development of a Spreadsheet tool for ALARP Assessment and Cost Benefit Analysis of Boiler Tube Inspections

Client: E.ON

Risk Assessment Consultancy

Case Study: Assessment of the Risks of Adjacent Line Open Working

Client: Network Rail

Performance Metrics and Management

Case Study: Metrics Specification for Process Improvement

Client: NATS

Mathematical Modelling and Forecasting

Case Study: Electricity Demand Forecasting

Client: British Energy

Statistical Advice on BS and ISO Standards

Case Study: Interpreting a Statistical Specification and Requirement

Client: IMSM

Statistical Analysis, Sampling and Estimation

Case Study: Estimating the Completeness of a Mapping Database

Client: Ordnance Survey

Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) and Hazard Identification (HAZID) Studies

Case Study: Gas Plant HAZOP Studies

Client: Schlumberger


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