British Sugar plc Uses Egerton Consulting To Train And Accredit A New In-Company Reliability Engineering Team

Reliability Training and Mentoring for Accreditation

Egerton Consulting is currently leading a training and mentoring programme for a new team of Reliability Engineers that has been set up within British Sugar plc (“British Sugar”). The team is already using its new-found knowledge to identify unreliable or high maintenance plant in order to reduce whole life equipment costs. Successful participants in the 12 month programme will receive Reliability Engineering accreditation within the company.

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TXM Plant commission a training course on FMEA & SHERPA

TXM Plant want to understand how equipment failures or human error might put their machine operators at risk. They have therefore commissioned Egerton Consulting and Liv Systems to produce an in-company training course on FMEA and SHERPA.

Following the 2-day course, Egerton Consulting and Liv Systems will continue to provide hands-on support as the TXM Plant engineers begin to apply the techniques to their own systems.


Goodyear has invited Egerton Consulting to give a 2-day course in Luxembourg

Goodyear invited Egerton Consulting to give a 2-day course in Luxembourg on the application of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis to tyre design and manufacturing.

Working with Goodyear specialists we produced a training course which outlines how FMEA should be undertaken within the Automotive Industry in order to meet the requirements of the SAE J1739. This course was used to train over 100 Goodyear staff in the application of FMEA within their company.