CASE STUDY: Contamination Risk Audits

Contamination Risk Audits
Client: Water Service Northern Ireland (through Ferguson Mcllveen)

Role: Following a cryptosporidium outbreak in Spring 2001, Water Service wanted to carry out operational audits on all of their water treatment facilities to reduce the risk of further outbreaks. Egerton Consulting worked with Ferguson Mcllveen to develop appropriate procedures for contamination risk audits.

Contamination Risk Audits, assisted by Egerton ConsultingResult: Egerton Consulting worked with Ferguson Mcllveen to develop and demonstrate a robust procedure to:

  • Identify points where contamination might occur
  • Prioritise potential flashpoints
  • Identify remedial actions to reduce risks effectively
  • Prioritise remedial actions for the most rapid and cost-effective risk management strategy

A software tool developed by Egerton Consulting, which enables the identification and prioritisation of risks within water treatment, was key to the successful delivery of this work.

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